Virtual Career Fair : setting up and managing 1:1 conversations

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What are 1:1 conversations?

How to set up your 1:1 conversations schedule

How to manage the scheduled 1:1 conversations

How to invite interesting candidates

Additional information for hybrid events:

What are 1:1 conversations ?

1:1 conversations are a way for you to meet the candidates "face to face". Via this feature, each stall representative can offer bookable video conversation time slots for the participants. 

Some tips before you get started... 

  • Use one of the following browsers: We only support the most updated versions of Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • Ensure that you can use the browser version of Zoom: The 1:1 conversations take place in Zoom. It does not require the Zoom app, only the browser version.
  • Make sure your browser has access to the microphone and camera: Go to your browser settings and check whether your browser is allowing microphone and camera.
  • Do your research on the candidates: You can click on the candidates’ names and check out their profiles prior to the call. Remember that you can also invite interesting candidates to a 1:1 conversation when chatting with them.

In short, you can schedule and manage the 1:1 conversations in the "1:1 conversations" tab!


How to set up your 1:1 conversations schedule 


  1. Select the team member(s) that will be available for the 1:1s. You will only be able to add colleagues that are part of the stall team.

  2. Decide whether candidates should write a short motivation text when requesting a time slot.

  3. Write a short description for each recruiter in order to align expectations with the requesting candidates - this is your chance to make it clear to the candidates what each of you wishes to speak about in the call. If you want to meet specific profiles, for specific offers, you can indicate in the "Description" field the type of profiles you wish to meet. Indeed, the participants do not apply for a job offer but rather position themselves with a recruiter. They must therefore be able to know which recruiter in your company they should contact. E.g: "Hello, I am recruiting interns for Data and IT functions".

  4. Add the available time slots for each team member. Usually, the time slots are set between 10-30 minutes, all dependent on the purpose.

  5. Add multiple time slots via the green button. Here you can choose the duration of each timeslot and when they should begin and end. There is also the possibility to add optional break in between each time slot. When you have filled everything out, the system will sort you out with a full list of bookable time slots! 

Note: 1:1 conversations are small virtual 1:1 meetings that you can make available for students at a Virtual Career Fair. It has nothing to do with your current Job offers, but they can indeed be used to talk about different topics e.g. Company Culture, Job Opportunities, Hiring process etc.

How to manage the scheduled 1:1 conversations


When a user books a 1:1 conversation, the status will show as pending.



You can read more about the candidates’ motivation and screen their profiles.


Click on the action button to accept or decline the request. You can also offer the candidate another time slot or suggest having a conversation with another recruiter.


When a booking is accepted, a link will be generated automatically after 15 minutes, and you can then join the 1:1 conversation with just one click. Shortly before the confirmed 1:1 conversation, the candidate, and you will receive a notification on the platform as well as an email reminder.


How to invite interesting candidates

There are two ways of inviting interesting candidates to a 1:1 conversation.

Note: In order to be able to invite users, you will need to have at least one colleague added to the 1:1 Conversation tab.

1. Via the sourcing tool 


You can invite candidates to a 1:1 conversation when browsing through the participants' list in the sourcing tool (tab: "Online talent"). 

Just click on "Invite to 1:1 Conversation" and select the recruiter and time. Keep in mind, you can invite students to 1:1 conversations before and during the event!

2. Via the chat 


You can invite candidates to a 1:1 conversation while chatting during the event. 

If you would like to book a conversation with a candidate, click on the "Invite to 1:1 Conversation" button in the chat window! 


Additional information for hybrid events:

If you are participating in a hybrid event, the 1:1 conversation feature can be used as a booking system for booking physical 1:1 conversations with the attending participants.

When setting up the different time slots, you can then choose where the conversation is taking place at the physical venue.

When you add the time slot, no video call link will be generated. Instead, you have to insert the location in the field "PHYSICAL LOCATION (OPTIONAL)".


How candidates experience it

The candidates can request 1:1 conversations via your stall. It will be visible for them where the conversation takes place when sending the request.

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