What is the "Active Chat" module on the Virtual Career Fair?

Setting up chat topics will allow participants to contact your recruiters connected to the event on the D-day of the Virtual Career Fair by written chat on topics that you have predefined. 

This chat feature is only open during the Virtual Career Fair day. 

This option increases your opportunities to be in contact with interesting profiles and offers participants the possibility to ask you questions that they would not have had the time to ask during your conference, for example. 

How do I activate this feature? 

If you want to activate this feature, simply go to "Stall settings" and check "Active chat” in the top right corner.

How do you indicate your topics of discussion?

Adding chat topics will help participants to know the topics on which they can contact your company members on the D-Day.  

To set up chat topics, click on the pencil icon in the "Start a chat" module. 

By default, at least one discussion topic must be filled in, up to a maximum of 4 topics are possible.


To learn more about the use of the "Chat" module during the Virtual Career Fair, please refer to the dedicated article.

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