Virtual Career Fair: preparing and delivering a live presentation

Summary :

What is a live presentation?

Preparing your live presentation

How to give your presentation?

How candidates experience it


Keep in mind that this feature might not be available for your company. It will depend on your deal with the organiser of the event. 


What is a live presentation?

This feature makes it possible for you to do a presentation at a Virtual Career Fair. You will join a call that will be broadcasted to the attending candidates live.


Preparing your live presentation

Tips :

  • Choose an impactful title and description. You will need to be attractive, differentiate yourself and make sure that the young talents can simply identify the subject(s) addressed. 
  • Solicit committed and dynamic speakers who will reflect the company's DNA. Authenticity, spontaneity, and interactivity will be the keys to a successful intervention. 
  • When preparing your presentation, plan on average 20/25 minutes of presentation and exchange between the speakers and 5/10 minutes to answer questions that the young people will have asked in the chat. 
  • It will be important to strictly respect the 30-minute time limit since the companies will have to follow each other live on the day. 

How to give your presentation 

Technical requirements: 

  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge). 
  • Make sure you can use the browser version of Zoom. There is no need to download the application, only the browser version should be usable. If you are having trouble using Zoom, contact the organiser of the event. 
  • Make sure your browser has access to the microphone and camera: go to your browser settings and check if your browser allows the microphone and camera.

Delivering your live presentation: 

  1. Go to the "Presentations" tab in the event. This tab will be visible as soon as you get added to the schedule by the organizer.
  2. Click on "Join presentation" and you will be admitted to the stage! 
  3. Give your presentation in the Zoom call (where you enter after clicking on "Join presentation") - if you have some slides, you would screen-share them directly in the call.
  4. See and answer questions in your live presentation. Be aware that you can't reply to these in written form. The number of votes can help you prioritize incoming questions. Mark the question as answered when you have covered them in your presentation.
  5. Encourage the participants to go to your stall at the end of your presentation. Maybe there are some unanswered questions that can lead to interesting conversations. 


Important: In most cases, the live presentation is already on when entering the call as a speaker. So stay in the background and turn your camera and microphone on when it is your time to present. Use the Zoom chat to communicate with the moderator of the live presentations. 


How candidates experience it


  • The video will be streamed live via YouTube to the event. The users do not need to join any call or download anything.
  • Candidates will be able to see the presentation schedule for the day, where you will be assigned a time slot to be the protagonist of the live presentation.
  • Users can ask and upvote questions, and see which questions have already been answered.



  • Where can I watch the ongoing live presentations?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch the live presentation from the recruiter's side. You can either set up a user profile on the event platform ( or watch the live presentations directly on YouTube (please ask the organisers for the link). 

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