Virtual Career Fair: How to get the most out of your hybrid experience

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The concept

Hybrid events from the exhibitor perspective

Connecting the online venue when attending the event physically


The concept

Hybrid events combine the physical and virtual world. Hybrid events are more interactive and allow for higher engagement and participation rates due to their digital aspect. Event registration and monitoring are made easier, and the experience on the day will combine both physical and virtual features.

Hybrid events also provide a more sustainable approach to participating in a physical career fair. This means that you can have much more information with you, whilst minimizing how much  printed material you need to bring to the venue. Read more about these possibilities below.

Hybrid events from the exhibitor perspective 

This solution offers a lot more flexibility to you as a recruiter attending a physical fair. That means that you as an exhibitor can make use of several types of materials present yourself digitally. You can add plenty of videos and pictures in your stall, use the text boxes to present the story you want to the students, and you can choose if you want to set up time slots for 1:1 conversations that students can pre-book. Additionally, you have the option to add pdf flyers and other relevant documents, which means you don’t have to bring as much printed material for the students. Simply display your personalized QR code at your physical stall, and students will have access to all of this information right on their phones! 

We have added additional information about how you can use the different features in a hybrid event to each article. These articles entail additional information on how features can be used when participating in a hybrid event:

Connecting the online venue when attending the event physically


Each exhibitor participating in a hybrid event has access to an individual QR code. Candidates visiting your stall in person will then be able to scan the code with their mobile devices and will be redirected to your online stall. This can be useful to… 

... connect with relevant candidates. When scanning the QR code the candidate can connect with you via a button in the ‘Mobile view’. After the event, you can then easily access the candidates’ profiles and reach out to them! 

refer to open positions. They can then access the job posts and use the event platform to apply for the jobs you are promoting in the event.

... refer to the information published on your stall. For example about your company or breakout rooms sessions hosted during the event.  

So, make sure to have your QR code is displayed! You can either print it or have it displayed on a tablet by your physical stall.

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