I don't have any or only a few applications to my job ad

To increase the attractiveness of your job to students or graduates and thus get more applications, here are the 8 golden rules to follow:

  1. Fill in all fields of the offer.
    However, if there is an option to limit your offer to certain degree programmes, be sure to leave this field blank.
  2. Find out when students are looking for a job or internship
  3. Enter a detailed title (not just "Internship", but "Internship in Marketing/SEO Management").
    For entry-level positions, the word "junior" in the title is more appealing to young graduates
  4. Be specific about the profiles you are looking for
  5. Don't just upload a PDF, fill in the description (copy it out of the PDF) to be more likely to appear in the student search engine
  6. Structure your offer (tell about your company, tasks of the position, etc.) and add media content and links
  7. Check the archiving date and republish your offer if necessary
  8. If you include your email address in the body of the text in addition to the "Apply" button, you won't be able to track clicks and will still receive applications after the ad is expired
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